Discover the surprising array of massages on offer at Elaisa

How about a relaxing massage, or a detox massage? Or maybe a High Frequency treatment?

Elaisa offers a great selection of both popular and less well-known massages.
We like to use pure essential oils both during the massage and to scent the various rooms. The oils create a health-promoting environment.


Our offer during pregnancy includes a maternity massage, skincare treatments (with the exception of rituals), the Shirodhara treatment, Energetic Water Experience and Cranio-sacral therapy.

We kindly ask you to respect your arrival and departure times, as booked treatments are scheduled in between.
Please inform us of any changes in time, so that we can still adjust our schedule if necessary.

Relaxing massage

25 min. – € 49,00
50 min. – € 99,00
100 min. – € 169,00

It is a moment where you can completely relax and let the tensions waft off you.
A relaxing massage can work wonders for stress symptoms or if you feel unwell. But it can also be just a moment of pure pleasure.


Maternity Massage

50 min. - € 99,00

With reassuring touches, this massage brings relaxation during pregnancy to both mother and child. It also contributes to an emotional and energetic balance that focuses on the deep connection between mother and unborn child. It increases mental health, improves blood circulation and boosts immunity. It creates a safe and secure feeling that is conducive to the growth of the baby.

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Full Body: Ayurvedic pressure point treatment

50min - €99,00 – Bookable on odd-numbered weeks on Thursdays & Fridays at 8pm.

Enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation, where ancient wisdom meets modern wellness. Our Ayurvedic massage techniques are a true gift for those longing for deep harmony and inner balance.

Enter a world of restoration and discovery, where ancient wisdom and modern wellness merge. Unlock your energy, embrace peace and allow yourself to be redefined on this Ayurvedic journey to wellness.

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Ayurvedic Oil Massage

50 min. – €99.00

This extraordinary relaxation massage is characterised by long harmonising movements that connect large parts of the body in a flowing way. This soothing oil massage aims to reduce both physical and mental ballast.


Lomi Lomi Massage

50 min. – € 99,00 / 90 min. – €175,00
This massage can only be booked by email:

With flowing, gentle movements, the Lomi Lomi massage releases all your tensions. This traditional Hawaiian massage ritual rebalances the unity and harmony within yourself and with your environment. Your energy is boosted and this massage has a healing effect on body, mind and soul.


Deep Tissue Massage

25 min. – € 55,00
50 min. – € 109,00

If a regular relaxing massage is not enough for your tense muscles, the stronger deep massage may be able to bring results. A deep tissue massage applies very hard pressure to the area(s) to be treated. This can loosen knots and adhesions.

  • At 25 minutes one zone is usually massaged as desired.
  • At 50 minutes, two zones can be massaged if required.

Hot Stone Massage

50 min. – € 99,00

The hot stone massage is a real blessing for the body and soul, using the heat of the basalt stones to penetrate deep into the muscles, relieving tension and muscular stiffness.


Hot & Cold Stone Massage

50 min. – € 99,00

A hot stone massage and a little bit more. In this unique version we work with warm basalt stones and cold marble stones. Through the alternating combination of heat and cold your immunity is strengthened and you experience deep relaxation.


Crystal Massage

50 min. – € 99,00
75 min. – € 125,00

A massage with crystals and semi-precious stones is a special and subtle experience for people who feel attracted by the healing effects of crystals. Your whole body is massaged with various cold and warm crystals in combination with warm oil.


Queen's Lounge Duo-Massage package

120 min. - € 295,00 / 2 pers.

Our DUO Massage Package is inspired by the element earth. This unique experience is enhanced by natural elements such as the breeze, the landscape, the sounds of nature and the benefits of a relaxing massage.on a unique location at Elaisa: the Queen's Lounge.

Available from May to September above 23°C
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Lakeside duo-massage

50 min – €260,00 / 2 pers
75 min. – €390,00 / 2 pers.

The supreme combination of Nature and relaxation. This relaxation massage for two gently affects the muscles, blood circulation and skin.

Available from May to September above 23°C

Massage concert

60 min. – on request from 6 pers. This massage can only be booked by e-mail: or by phone: +32 (0) 89 39 09 96.

Enjoy this unique experience at Elaisa: a combination of live music, with ancient instruments, singing and massage techniques that are attuned to each other, results in a deeper peace and relaxation that is unmatched by more traditional massages.



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