Crystal Massage

50 min. –   € 89,00 (back, neck, shoulders, front of body, head and feet)
75 min. –   € 115,00 (full body)

This massage is a boon to yourself, especially for emotional ailments such as: Tension, stress, sadness, insecurity and fear.
The use of crystals and semi-precious stones, together with a relaxing warm oil massage, provides deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

Crystals are created in the depths of the earth, their properties depend on the energy they have stored during their growth and on the geometric shape they have taken on. Their energy mainly affects our chakras and our entire energy system.
This massage has a strong effect on body and mind, both physically and energetically.

In this treatment we work with different types of crystals and semi-precious stones, each of which has its own characteristic properties. These “stones” are selected according to your personal needs.

Some crystals that are commonly used: red jasper, (lamellar) obsidian, green jade, rock crystal, rose quartz, amethyst, petrified wood, dumor reed, yellow calcite, etc.

The use of different amounts of crystals can generally have the following effects: harmonization and balance, rest and regeneration, anchoring and awareness…


* After each treatment the crystals are cleaned.


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