Chlorine-free baths

Discover the baths of Elaisa

Elaisa Wellness is the first wellness in the Benelux to use baths with stabilized oxygen water.

All our baths are 100 chlorine-free and the water is filtered through crystals. As a result, the water in the pools near Elaisa is odourless and wonderfully soft for the skin which is a well-being for the body.

Mineraal bad van Elaisa Energetic Wellness met dodecaeder en walvisgeluiden onder water. Water gezuiverd door kristallen.

Energetic mineral bath

If you swim in the indoor pool (31°C), you will be surrounded by an 8 meter high dodecaëder.

In the middle of the bath there is a beautiful cathedral quartz on top of a column and when you look out through the skylight, you can see a mountain crystal shining on the ridge of the glass roof.

In this pool it is well worth going underwater. That’s how you hear dolphin and whale chant.

In this room you can also enjoy a live piano concert on a regular basis.

Infinity whirlpool

The Infinity Whirlpool has the shape of a crescent moon, so everyone can enjoy the view.

This whirlpool is aimed at the west making this a lovely place to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the warm water (37°C).

Did you know that we opted for a whirlpool without noisy bubbles? This way you can enjoy the natural sounds of the Hoge Kempen national park.

Infinity whirlpool met zicht op het meer bij Elaisa Energetic Wellness
Pool elaisa zwembad

Outdoor pool

Enjoy the peace surrounding you in this heated swimming pool (32°C).

From here you have a view of unique images and at the Hoge Kempen National Park.

Swimming pool

Feel the softness of the water (32°C) when you step into this pool.

In this outdoor pool you are surrounded by imposing high walls and 6 columns with a unique marble statue in the middle.

Voetenbad Elaisa Energetic Wellness

Foot bath

The foot bath (38°C) is a path around the Ceremony Sauna.

Stepping through the foot bath between the saunas can do virtue, but it’s also a good way to prepare your body for a sauna visit.

Due to the warm water at your feet, the temperature of your blood starts to rise slowly, making the transition to a warm sauna more gradual.


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