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Get completely spoiled at Elaisa

If you want to get really spoiled, choose for an arrangement. You can choose between various day arrangements.

Lock the daily life out for a moment and let yourself be wrapped in the power of Elaisa.

The arrangements have been carefully compiled for you. Choose from arrangements with a massage or a facial treatment, arrangements with multiple treatments, or even an arrangement with a Temazcal ceremony.

Unique in Europe!

Elaisa offers various arrangements which will certainly be to your liking.

Birthday packages

Discover and book one of the Elaisa birthday packages

Do you want to celebrate your birthday at Elaisa Wellness? Or do you want to surprise a loved one? Then you might like one of our birthday packages.

Birthday Relaxation Package – € 130,00 per person 

* An ayurvedic massage provides the body with a deep inner balance of body and spirit through harmonising ayurvedic warm oils and gentle movements

Birthday Package feel like a Queen of Egypt – € 209,00 per person 

* Body cleansing and peeling, Eternal youth facial ritual, Cleopatra lifting facial massage, Luxury body wrap with Dead Sea salt and gold elixir, Cleopatra body massag.

After Work packages

Discover and book one of the Elaisa After Work packages

Do you want to relax after a day of work?  Or do you want to chill before the weekend starts?
Then you might like one of our After Work packages.

After Work Shiva Package – € 49,00 per person 

* Monday, Thursday and Sunday : 7.30 pm – 20.10 pm, all other days : 8.00 pm – 8.40 pm 

After Work Saraswati Package  – € 54,00 per person 

  • One evening entrance : 5 pm – 10 pm
  • Including bathrobe and towels
  • Clay Session*

* Clay Session, every day from 6.00 pm – 6.30 pm

Sound concert packages

Discover and book one of the Elaisa sound concert packages

Sound Recovery Package – € 65,00 per person 

Sound Silver Package – € 99,00 per person 

Sound Gold Package – € 135,00 per person 

Temazcal packages

Discover and book one of the Elaisa temazcal packages

Temazcal Discover Package – € 140,00 per person 

Massage packages

Discover and book one of the Elaisa massage packages

Discover the surprising array of massages on offer at Elaisa.
How about a relaxing massage, or a detox massage? Or maybe a High Frequency treatment?

Elaisa offers a great selection of both popular and less well-known massages.
We like to use pure essential oils both during the massage and to scent the various rooms. The oils create a health-promoting environment.

Of course, you could also choose to book a massage as part of one of our packages.

Bronze Package – € 84,00 per person 

Silver Package – € 89,00 per person 

Gold Package – € 125,00 per person 

Skin care packages

Discover and book one of the Elaisa skin care packages

Take a look at our Skin & Body Care packages and be seduced.

Skincare – fresh up your day package – € 84,00 per person 

Skincare – be in harmony package – € 125,00 per person 


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