Clay Ceremony

30 min – €18.00

This experience can only be booked in combination with a day or evening admission

Experience the delicate sensations of a clay purification, elevated by the power of the citrine geode.

This unique sauna is designed for ceremonial purification treatments in a group setting.
The ceremony master will provide you with a bowl of natural clay upon arrival. You can choose from detoxifying clay from the sea, from the mountains or from the Himalayas.

You apply this soothing clay all over your body and leave it to imbue you with its beneficial properties while you enjoy the unique combination of sauna and steam bath.

This sauna is adorned with thirteen pure, large citrine geodes, one placed behind each guest. Guests take a seat on fossilised tree trunks, thousands of years old. The mineral protects the aura, cleanses the chakras and provides energy. This crystal possesses one-of-a-kind powers. For instance, the stone cleanses itself and maintains a direct connection with the solar energy. The stone combats depression, and gifts self-confidence and determination. It stimulates the digestive organs. The sunny stone also helps the body fight infections, improves blood circulation and helps people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

After the clay has been absorbed sufficiently, you will be given a rain shower whilst seated on the fossilised tree trunks.

Finally, the ceremony master leads you through a 20-metre fine mist shower.
This extraordinary sauna provides ceremonial purification treatments in a group setting.


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