connect to your inner nature

About Elaisa

Egypte – Lemuria – Atlantis – Inner Source Activation

Elaisa Energetic Wellness embraces you with its geometric forms and offers everything to completely relax you. Here there is lots of space to fully enjoy and find rest in the deepest of yourself. Elaisa stands for Egypt – Lemuria – Atlantis – Inner Source Activation.

Connecting with the beautiful nature of the Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen, our wellness surrounds you with different styles, images, and symbols from very old-world cultures. A quieting which penetrates deep in your body and helps you to find new balance, full of energy.

Every person is unique and has an individual way of relaxing. For this reason, our diverse assortment reaches, particularly in Europe, much further and deeper than the traditional wellness. It is a relief, which allows you to return home full of rest, energy, and wonder.

Our approach is based on five pillars:

  1. Nature and environment
  2. Wellness
  3. Geometry and Crystals
  4. Health
  5. Personal development

Nature and environment

Nature has an incredible healing effect on our wellbeing

We are all part of it, particularly Elaisa because of her natural location in a 5750-ha nature park in Limburg.

Our wellness is located on a very special location in the Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen, with a view of the lake and the slag heaps. Here you can experience a very relaxing, special contact with nature. Elaisa has been placed in the natural landscape with respect for the environment. For this reason, we love to integrate the natural qualities in our process. We use oxygenated water for our wellness pools, which respects health and hygiene of people and nature.

We make every effort to let the indigenous flora and fauna prosper. We have created special living zones for the animals, limit the sound and light to the absolute minimum, and we can only be reached with electric shuttle and boats.

Nature never breaks its own laws.

– Leonardo Da Vinci


Wellness is of all times

There is a reason for the saying: “A bath is a place to wash away your worry”. Relaxing and taking some distance of your daily life was already possible in the Greek and Roman bathhouses, the hammams in the Ottoman empire or the mineral baths of the Incas. Plato already referred to it via the mystery schools in Egypt or Atlantis.

The tradition of relaxing in saunas, baths, steam baths, completed with massages and treatment goes back for centuries and each culture has their own form. There is no better way to get back to your essence, your origin.

Keeping our body in good health is our duty. Otherwise, we can never maintain a strong and clear mind.

– Buddha

Geometry and Crystals

Elaisa Energetic Wellness is an amalgamation of antiquity and the present time

The building is on the crossroad of the wind directions, with a view of the best sunsets in the west.

According to ancient cultures, geometry contains the mystery of creation. Everything in the universe consists of fixed geometrical ratios, such as the connection between molecules and atoms, the reciprocal rations in the body of man and animal or the structured or spiral structure of flowers, shells, crystals…

This intense cooperation of the geometry can be found everywhere in the architecture of Elaisa. The geometric forms, the natural materials and the many crystals used in the building provide an energetic atmosphere in the building and create a special feeling of rest.

There is geometry in the vibrations of strings. There is music in the spreading of the spheres.

– Pythagoras


Ever since 2000, Elaisa profoundly researches various ways to achieve pure relaxation and self-development through a healthy lifestyle. In Elaisa Energetic Wellness, we bring the results of that search together in the most powerful and most special treatments and ceremonies from, among others, the Ayurveda, the Mazdaznan, or by detoxing.

With detoxing, breathing techniques and kinematics, you gain more knowledge about ‘living’ and you become healthier because of the right thoughts. Healthy food is of the utmost importance: at Elaisa, organic and vegetarian (regional) products play a special role. The wellness, cleaning, and nutritional products we use in our treatment, are selected on natural basis, without parabens and free from animal testing.

Of course, our wellness coaches are always available for advice and treatment, fitting your lifestyle.

When you feel a peaceful joy, you are near the truth.

– Rumi

Personal development

All great philosophers, historians agree: only from a state pure relaxation, you can easier get into contact with your own essence. By – literally – standing still for a moment and experience inner rest and unity with the world, you get inspiration and ideas, and in the silence, it becomes clear what really matters in life.

Sometimes you realise life just passes you by and that you want to take a different direction. In our complete assortment, there is always something to your liking. You connect with your nature and it is a step in your personal development, self-knowledge, a self-realisation.

Our especially designed sound concert hall and crystal can help in this.

Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.

– Plato