The five pillars of Elaisa

Nature and environment

We are all part of it. And certainly Elaisa because of its natural location in a 5750 ha nature park in Limburg.

Our wellness is located in a very special location in the Hoge Kempen National Park,overlooking the lake and the mine. Here you will experience a very calming, special contact with nature. Elaisa is placed in the natural landscape with respect for the surroundings.

For this reason, we like to integrate the qualities of nature into our operation. For the baths in the wellness we use oxygen water that respects the health and hygiene of people and nature.

We do everything we can to allow the native flora and fauna to flourish. In this way we create special living places for the animals on the site, we limit the noise and light to the absolute minimum and we are only accessible via the electric shuttle and boats.


Not for nothing is a saying: “A bath is a place where you wash away your worries.” Relaxing and distancing yourself from your life could already be in the bathhouses of the Greeks and romans, the hammams in the Ottoman empire or the mineral baths of the Incas.

Plato also referred to it through the mystery schools in Egypt or Atlantis. The tradition of relaxation in saunas, baths, steam rooms, supplemented with massages and treatments is centuries old, and each culture gives its own interpretation to it. No better way to get back to your essence, your origins.

Geometry and crystals

The building is located at the crossroads of the wind directions, overlooking the most beautiful sunsets in the west.

According to ancient cultures, geometry houses the mystery of creation. Everything in the universe consists of the construction of fixed geometric ratios, such as the coherence of molecules and atoms, the reciprocal relationships in the body of man and animal or the structured or spiral structure of flowers, shells, crystals, …

This intense collaboration of geometry can be found anywhere in Elaisa’s architecture. The geometric shapes, the natural materials and the many crystals incorporated into the building create an energetic atmosphere in the building and create a special sense of calm.


Relaxation, a healthy lifestyle and self-development are central to Elaisa.

Through our wide range you can enjoy Skin & Body Care, saunas, massages, holistic treatments and much more.

Personal development

All great philosophers, historians agree: only from supreme relaxation do you make it easier to connect with your own essence. By -literally – standing still, experiencing inner peace and unity with the world, you get inspiration and ideas, it becomes clear in silence what really matters in life.

Sometimes you realize that life just goes by and that you might want to take a different path. From our fairly complete offer there is always something to choose that suits you. This way, it connects with your inner nature and is a step in your personal development, self-knowledge and self-realization.

Our specially developed sound concert room and crystals can help.


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