Rules and regulations


The purpose of these general rules is to guarantee the safety, relaxation and hygiene during a visit to all the facilities at Elaisa Energetic Wellness. In order to guarantee all our visitors a pleasant stay, we would like to friendly ask every visitor to carefully read the rules and regulations.

Anyone visiting one of our facilities are deemed to have taken note of these rules before every visit.

To preserve the tranquillity and offer the best service to our guests, no more than 400 visitors are admitted. Therefore, we always work through reservation.

Upon reporting to reception, the visitor must always inform Elaisa Wellness about any medical ailments which pose a direct or indirect danger to him/herself or other sauna visitors.

Elaisa Wellness has the right to refuse access to the premises to any person who appear to compromise the safety and the health of the people present. The supervising staff and management are also authorised to throw out any guests at Elaisa Wellness (drunkenness, disturbance, non-compliance with these rules, etc.).


  • The rules are applicable to all facilities of Elaisa Energetic Wellness.
  • Everyone who uses our facilities commit to comply with these rules and regulations.
  • It is compulsory to report to the reception of Elaisa Energetic Wellness. In order to guarantee the safety within Elaisa Energetic Wellness, all visitors are registered via an identity card (E-ID). Without an identity card, a visitor cannot use the facilities.
  • The instructions of the staff of Elaisa Energetic Wellness must always be followed.
  • Compulsory notification: the client is obliged to report all allergies, diseases or discomfort upon reservation. This is applicable to the use of the wellness facilities and for the treatments.
  • In order to maintain silence, no mobile phones, tablets and laptops are allowed in the complex.
  • Suitcases and bags are not allowed in the complex. Use the lockers supplied for this.
  • Due to the GDPR privacy legislation, it is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones/cameras into the entire Wellness complex.
    It is not allowed to take photos or make videos inside the entire private complex of Elaisa Energetic Wellness. Nor is it allowed to publish images relating to Elaisa via the social media channels or other online and/or offline channels. Should this happen, Elaisa Energetic Wellness reserves the right to have the images and/or video material removed, as well as the right to claim damages. Taking and publishing photos or videos can only be done with the express written permission of Elaisa Energetic Wellness.
  • Bathrobes and towels can be rented from reception (only included if it is specified with a package). Slippers are for sale at reception.
  • Wearing bathrobes is compulsory at Elaisa Wellness. You can rent this from reception or bring your own bathrobe.
  • Bathrobe (and swimwear on swimwear days) is mandatory when accessing the restaurant. No other clothing is allowed.
  • Wearing a burka or burkini are not allowed throughout the Elaisa Wellness Complex.
  • Wearing swimming trunks below the knee or long-sleeved swimwear is not allowed.
  • We ask guests to respect the silence throughout the entire building.
  • The reservation of sun beds is not allowed.
  • The wellness complex may not be accessed with shoes, boots or any other type of footwear. It is compulsory to wear anti-slip bath slippers when moving around in the wellness complex. Saunas and baths must be entered by bare feet.
  • First shower before using our sauna complex.
  • After every visit to the sauna, the infrared sauna, the toilet or steam bath you must first have a shower before going into the whirlpool or the swimming pool.
  • It is not allowed to swim in the lake without an authorised supervisor of Elaisa Wellness.
  • No diving into pools.
  • In case of bad weather (lightning), the outside pools may not be accessed.
  • Swimsuits may not be worn in the sauna area (except on swimsuit days).
  • It is compulsory to use towels in saunas and hammam.
  • Before granting access to the facilities, Elaisa Energetic Wellness may specify additional requirements about the personal hygiene and clothing of the visitor. Personal grooming (for example brushing teeth, shaving, hair colouring, et.) is not allowed at the facilities of Elaisa Energetic Wellness.
  • Own food and drinks are not allowed.
  • Food and drinks may only be consumed at the restaurant. Food and drinks may thus not be consumed in our sauna’s, steam cabin, whirlpools or swimming pools.
  • We ask our visitors to respect one another and to refrain from aggressive and racist behaviour, undesired or desired intimacy, insults, drunkenness, or physical violence. Visitors who cannot comply with these requirements must immediately leave the facilities of Elaisa Energetic Wellness on first request, without any form of compensation for damages or refund.
  • Every user receives a bracelet to lock his/her locker and to register any money spent. The bracelet must be worn at all times. If the bracelet is lost, an amount equalling the entrance fee will be charged.
  • At Elaisa Wellness you can pay with cash, debit card or credit card.
  • In the event of cancellation of a day or evening entrance, a reserved treatment and/or package, our general cancellation conditions apply.
  • The entire building is smoke-free. A smokers area is available outside the complex.
  • Children older than 12 years are allowed.
  • Children up to the age of 16 years must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • No products may be added to the swimming pool, the jacuzzi or the saunas.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • In order to maintain safety, there is only surveillance cameras at the exit doors and at reception. The visitor is informed about this upon entering the facilities of Elaisa Energetic Wellness.
  • Elaisa Wellness also has the right to refuse access for any reason.
  • Elaisa Wellness cannot be held responsible for accidents, physical injury or material damage, loss of goods or incorrect use of the sauna complex and will also never be held liable. Elaisa Wellness will also not be obliged to pay compensation for damages.
  • In case of damages to the area rented by you (locker), you are obliged to pay for these damages.
  • Elaisa Energetic Wellness is not responsible for normal accidents within the domain of Elaisa Energetic Wellness.
  • Elaisa Energetic Wellness is not responsible for theft and/or items lost inside the domain of Elaisa Energetic Wellness.
  • Belgian law is applicable to all our legal relationships. For disputes between
  • Elaisa Wellness and our clients, the court in Tongeren will have jurisdiction, unless another court is assigned by law.