Holistic treatments

Discover the surprising array of holistic treatments on offer at Elaisa

Our holistic treatments section offers options that support both your emotional and physical wellbeing. Would you like to work on your physical health, or are you looking to detoxify? Take a look under health or detox.

If you need energetic and/or emotional support, the energy & emotions section may be interesting.

If you would like to know more about the Ayurvedic approach to your emotional and physical complaints, then be sure to take a look at the options under Ayurveda.

If you feel strongly about working at a deeper soul level or all the way down to cell level, you might find what you are looking for in our mind & soul section.


Our offer during pregnancy includes a maternity massage, skincare treatments (with the exception of rituals), the Shirodhara treatment, Energetic Water Experience and Cranio-sacral therapy.

Ancient Egyptian Sekhem healing

90 min. - € 165,00

The therapists who practise this unique healing method were initiated into the Ancient Egyptian Sekhem Energy and specific healing techniques originating from the time of Akhnaton. For thousands of years, this knowledge was preserved and guarded by the Mystery Schools.

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Energetic Massage

90 min. - € 170,00

Energetic massage is a combination of relaxation, healing and a reading in one treatment. An experience for your whole "being". Combining relaxation and holistic techniques, the Energetic Massage improves the flow in both your energetic body and muscles. The combination of different massage techniques and energetic work on the chakras and aura makes this massage unique for everyone. A true benefit for most mental, emotional and physical complaints.

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High Frequency Chakra Tables - Gold

60 min. – € 115,00

Experience a deep sound bath in our high frequency room. While you lie on beautiful lava stone tables, gongs, singing bowls and tuning forks on your body create a strong connection to heaven, earth and your own body.


High Frequency Chakra Tables - Diamond

90 min. – € 170.00

During this extensive high frequency treatment you will dive into a sound bath of gongs, singing bowls and tuning forks on your body. These vibrations create a strong connection with heaven, earth and your own body. Then you can enjoy a wonderful, grounding massage with warm, transforming obsidian crystals.


Private Hathor Ritual

60 min - €99.00 per person - please book a few days in advance This ritual can only be booked via e-mail: reservations@elaisawellness.com

This session is an invitation to immerse deeply into the healing frequencies of sound vibrations.
Inspired by the rituals of Ancient Egypt, you will be taken on a deeply moving inner journey.

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High Frequency Room

90 min. – € 185,00
This treatment can only be booked by email: reservations@elaisawellness.com

It is a place and experience that creates a very deep serenity because it takes you out of time and space in a special way.  The darkness, the sounds, the beam of light, the gentle pouring of pure crystal quartz and the vibration of the gold leaf bring movement into every molecule of your body.


Lemuria Reconnection Healing

120 min. - € 195,00 This treatment can only be booked via email: reservations@elaisawellness.com

Experience a unique combination of a personalised crystal laying of Lemurian and heated Obsidian crystals on the body.

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Cranio-sacral Therapy (biodynamic)

Every day except Thursday and Sunday.
50 min. – € 99.00

This holistic treatment method is characterized by non-invasive, gentle but deep touches to restore balance to the nervous system. If you suffer from tension-related complaints, this treatment is suitable for you.


Discover Ayurveda

80 min. – € 179,00

This treatment consists of a harmonizing complete Ayurvedic oil massage, followed by a deeply relaxing Shirodhara or forehead oil flow. It offers the ultimate benefit for an over-stimulated nervous system and is the fastest way to an empty head.


Energetic sound treatment

60 min. – € 125,00
This treatment can only be booked by email: reservations@elaisawellness.com

The Energetic Sound Treatment is a method for positively influencing human vibrations. The frequencies released when certain sounds are produced remind your cells of their balanced state of being. Sounds can release stored and unprocessed emotions. Thanks to a good flow in your body, more balance can be found within yourself.



30 min. – € 95,00

During this ultimate mind-relaxing treatment, the mind is being massaged, so to speak, while a continuous flow of warm oil runs all over the forehead and third eye, which is very stress relieving.


Soul Reading

50 min. – € 115,00
This treatment can only be booked by email: reservations@elaisawellness.com

Soul Reading aims to promote consciousness growth and positive emotional development.




Energetic Water Experience

New – 50 min. –  € 119,00
Between 12-15pm on Wednesdays and Saterdays

For 50 minutes, the Energetic water Experience will bring you into a deep state of tranquillity.

This unique experience of relaxing music outside the bath combined with an underwater concert by whales and dolphins, lets you float between two worlds.

Swimwear is mandatory during this session.



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