Private Hathor Ritual

60 min – €99,00 per person – please book several days in advance

This session can also be booked as a duo session.

This session is an invitation to immerse deeply into the healing frequencies of sound vibrations. Inspired by the rituals of Ancient Egypt, you will be taken on a deeply touching inner journey.
Quantum Physics is teaching us how profound the impact is of Sound. We as vibrational beings are constantly emitting a vibration, and by the use of frequency, we can influence and change our state of being. Sound can travel to deeper parts of ourselves and loosen up or release stagnant energy.

The intention of this session is to support you in releasing any stress and heaviness and to recharge all cells of your body. We will start with a moment to tune in to where you are and what you need. Based on your personal needs, we will attune the session and help you to relax deeply, to release what is no longer needed and to focus on a renewed, recharged version of yourself.

You will be surrounded by the deep sounds of singing bowls, that will bring you to deep relaxation. The trance-inducing sounds of the Sistrum, will support your body in letting go, and the healing sounds of the human voice will help you recharge all the cells of your body. You will leave this session feeling refreshed in body, mind, and soul.

This experience can only be booked in combination with a day admission


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