Energetic Water Experience

50 min. – € 99,00
on Wednesdays en Saturdays between 12-15pm

For 50 minutes, the Energetic water Experience will bring you into a deep state of tranquillity.
This unique experience of relaxing music outside the bath combined with an underwater concert by whales and dolphins, lets you float between two worlds.

In our privatised mineral bath, you will be gently swayed on waves of benevolence.
Being carried by the water, your body will slowly relax itself.
The peaceful water will soften your breathing,  stimulate your blood circulation and strengthen your immune system.
Experience a deep relaxation in which you can let go and found your balance.
Free yourself of stress to reharmonise your energetic core.

This experience comes highly recommended during a pregnancy. It relieves the back for a deeper relaxation. Feel weightless in the water and calm your baby with gentle swaying sensations.

Swimwear is mandatory during this session.


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