High Frequency Chakra Tables Diamond

90 min – €170,00

This high frequency treatment takes place on two specially built lava stone tables with engravings. The crystals we place around the tables and in the engravings form a special field. At the beginning of this treatment you will receive a foot bath with basic (cleansing) salt and pulverized crystals. Before you are allowed to lie down on the lava table, some crystals are adjusted. Afterwards you will enjoy a meditative sound bath. Gongs, singing bowls on your body, tuning forks, …, provide a strong connection with heaven, earth and your own body. Your personal field/vibration will get rid of ballast and come into a balancing high frequency.

During this extensive treatment you can then enjoy a grounding massage with adapted essential oils, heated lava stones and transforming obsidian crystals. This allows the high frequencies to work deep into the body.

We conclude the treatment with a warm cup of herbal tea to feel everything for a while.

In short, a wonderful (duo) sound journey, interwoven with the beautiful high frequencies of sound and crystal.

* This treatment is a wonderful experience for two.


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