Maternity Massage

50 min. – € 99,00

Becoming a mother is a wonderful moment in your life. Throughout pregnancy, your body undergoes various changes that can be accompanied by discomfort or even pain.

To find relief from this, a pregnancy massage helps to balance your body physically, energetically and emotionally. Experience deep physical and mental relaxation. The gentle and comforting touches of this massage help improve your mental health, contribute to better sleep comfort, and stimulate blood circulation and immunity.

This massage also pays special attention to the connection between mother and unborn child. By consciously looking for a deeper connection and reducing stress, a safe and secure feeling is created. This contributes to the balanced growth of the baby.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, thrombosis, varicose veins, heart disease or fever, we strongly advise against booking this massage during your pregnancy. Always seek advice from your attending physician or gynaecologist.


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