30 min. – € 95,00

This treatment is suitable for pregnant women, even after the 2nd trimester.


Shirodhara literally means “a stream over the head”. Although Shirodhara is a centuries-old Ayurvedic ritual, practice shows that it is often still a powerful tool for modern people. The treatment is ideal for mental exhaustion and tension-related complaints such as insomnia, restlessness, headaches, etc.

Shirodhara is a combined treatment with head massage and a continuous pouring of oil over the entire forehead as well as over and around the third eye, which is very stress-relieving. This combination is an ultimate benefit for the balance of the nervous system.
Only if you let the oil flow continuously, in combination with the perfect temperature of 41 degrees, you can sink deeper and deeper into a pleasant state of rest.

The Shirodara brings great mental relaxation. It creates a feeling of clarity and openness and awakens the body’s natural sense of balance and harmony. This allows you to rediscover a state of peace and tranquility by calming your psyche. Shirodhara awakens a meditative feeling.

What can you expect from Shirodhara?

Warm oil is poured slowly from a copper pot above your head onto your third eye. This oil then flows out through your hair.
In addition to a rejuvenating treatment for the nervous system, the hair also receives a thorough supply of nutrients.
After this treatment you are recommended to take a shower.

* This treatment cannot be booked as a duo.

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