Ayurvedic Oil Massage

50 min. – € 89,00

Ayurveda means “knowledge of life” and is an ancient Indian form of healing that calms, invigorates and rejuvenates. This massage aims to restore the balance between body and mind.

This Indian ritual goes back thousands of years and approaches your health in a holistic and traditional way. The philosophy of Ayurvedic massage is based on creating peace and harmony in the body by applying specific massage techniques that make the body feel as one again. On the other hand, these techniques also have a detoxifying effect by using, among other things, the lymphatic system, through which the body can eliminate toxins.

Treat yourself to a wonderful Ayurvedic massage and experience the beneficial effect on body and mind immediately.

What can you expect from an ayurvedic massage?

The ayurvedic massage is a full body massage that also includes the feet, arms and face.

The use of a beneficial amount of warm oil, enriched with essential oils, is characteristic of an Ayurvedic massage. Our oil is pure and vegetable and contains many active ingredients that benefit your skin and muscles.

With each massage the masseur adds a positive intention to the oil, so that this massage has an even deeper, holistic effect.

Ayurvedische Oliemassage behandeling


If you want to enhance the achieved relaxation and the positive effects of the massage, it is best to add an Ayurvedic oil cast or Shirodhara to your massage. This authentic ritual is ideal for creating clarity and relaxation in the mind.


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