Soul Reading

50 min. – €115.00

This session is given in Dutch or English.

This treatment can only be booked by email:

The soul reading, a type of healing, connects with your being via certain meditation techniques. Your bodily being knows the exact origin of the issue you are struggling with. This origin may be in your current life (regression), but we can also go back to previous lives (reincarnation).

Everything you have ever experienced is stored in your body’s cell memory. Whether it’s a recent event, something that happened when you were small, in the womb, or during past lives. In order to heal at the deepest level, it is important healing can take place right into your cell memory or your subconscious.

This often involves spirit work. Your spirit or your thoughts may sometimes be able to process or understand certain traumas, but this does not mean the pain, the issue or the sorrow has completely disappeared. This is because the event has not healed in the cell memory, at soul level. This is also why you might attract the same situations, problems or obstacles again and again.

The current life is often a repeat of unlearned soul lessons from past lives. Then, we look at what happened and which steps are necessary for deep cell level healing.

For which issues is a soul reading recommended?

  • Present or past traumas
  • All manner of anxieties
  • Recurring patterns
  • To cope with loss: a divorce, a death
  • When your life has stagnated: relationships, work, family…
  • In your search for your soul’s talents
  • If you are not well-earthed, to repair your connection with nature
  • To create contact with your being and to grow spiritually


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