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Cranio Sacral Treatment

50 min. – € 79,00

Our treatments, massages and group sessions should always be booked in advance of your visit by telephone: 0032 (0) 89 39 09 96 or by e-mail:

The cranio sacral treatment is an alternative treatment that originated as an osteopathy offshoot. Just like in osteopathy, cranio sacral treatment treats both physical and mental complaints through gentle manipulation techniques.

Cranio sacral treatment mainly looks at the spine, the cranial bones and the sacrum. This is because craniosacral therapists believe in the principle that craniosacral fluid flows along here, better known as cerebral and spinal fluid. This fluid is the core of all our physical and emotional stimuli. As such, it plays a very important role within our nervous system

Craniosacral therapists use gentle touch and subtle movements to eliminate blockages (tension, stress, trauma). It allows for restoration of the natural flow and rebalances our nervous system.


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