Cranio Sacral Treatment (biodynamic)

Every day except Thursday and Sunday.
50 min. – € 99,00

During the treatment your whole body can be touched, both front and back. Especially the spinal column, head, sacrum and hips are most central. During the session, the therapist determines which zones require special attention. In principle, this treatment can be done with clothing.

The main goal of each treatment is to restore the balance between the ortho- and parasympathetic nervous system. The orthosympathetic nervous system is activated in stressful situations. The parasympathetic nervous system, on the other hand, serves to restore peace in our body. To achieve this balance is the aim of this treatment.
With great sensitivity, cranio-sacral therapists observe the inner breathing of the body during the treatment.
Physical complaints are often the result of psychological stress. Just by “touching” these emotional blockages, the therapist relieves the body, so that you can realize them and their transformation can be initiated.

As a consequence of today’s fast lifestyle with constant stress, the ortosympathetic nervous system may be activated for too long, which leads to a higher amount of the stress hormone cortisol. This reduces physical and mental immunity. For this reason, gentle pressure should be applied to precisely those areas that are in contact with the parasympathetic nervous system. We will mainly stimulate your skull (cranio) and sacrum (sacrum).

In addition to the sacrum, the stimulation is done by several, different hand positions on and around the skull, but it is also possible to stimulate the feet or lower legs. Cranio-Sacral-Therapy supports the nervous system and stimulates centering, grounding, relaxation and inner peace.

As in osteopathy, one treatment is often not enough to treat profound problems. It may be that only several sessions can bring a desired end result. The therapist will advise you after the treatment and may suggest a follow-up session without obligation.
Our approach to Cranio-Sacral-Therapy corresponds to the biodynamic flow according to the pioneer Franklyn Sills.

When is the Cranio Sacral Treatment for you?

The treatment is recommended when there are signs of overstimulation, hypersensitivity, stress, mental fatigue and/or emotional imbalance.

* This treatment cannot be booked as a duo.


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