Queen Of Egypt

100 min. – € 179,00
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Beauty, seduction, rejuvenation and harmony.

Cleopatra was without doubt one of the most fascinating women in history. She spent hours taking care of her beauty. Massages with holy oils, including myrrh, rejuvenated her skin and gave serenity to the soul.

Deliciously scented essences, baths with crystals and body wraps with Dead Sea salts were part of her beauty rituals.

What does the ritual Queen of Egypt contain?

Let yourself be enveloped by the seductive and typical scents that stimulate your senses, increase your consciousness and let you sink into a state of deep relaxation.

Your body first receives a divine massage, alternating with a cleansing peeling with Dead Sea salt and suitable massage oils. Afterwards we provide your skin with a detoxifying and degreasing body wrap based on green clay.

While the clay pack is working, you will receive the luxurious Alqvimia facial treatment  with essential oils.  With the wonderful oils of the Queen of Egypt we will then pamper your face with a massage. Afterwards you will receive a rejuvenating face mask and undergo a soothing head massage.

At the end you can rinse off the clay pack under the shower and we will finish the treatment with a rejuvenating serum and a suitable day cream.

  • Divine body massage
  • Purifying body peeling
  • Detox clay pack
  • Face Deep Cleansing
  • Refining face peeling
  • Caring Lotion
  • Removal of impurities (comedones)
  • Eyebrow correction (with tweezers)
  • Heavenly facial massage
  • Rejuvenating Cream Mask
  • Shower
  • Toning Serum
  • Regenerating day cream, adapted to your skin type

For this gorgeous Queen of Egypt treatment we use the luxurious natural skin care line Alqvimia.

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