Relaxation massage

25 min. – € 44,00
50 min. – € 89,00
100 min. – € 159,00
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A relaxation massage gently massages the muscles, blood circulation and skin. Here, a lot of attention is paid to every part of the body, in contrast to the Ayurvedic oil massage or the Lomi-Lomi massage, where several parts of the body are treated simultaneously.

The back and shoulders are always given sufficient attention, as they are often subject to stress-related tension.

The following areas are treated for 25 minutes: Neck, back, shoulders and the back of the arms and legs.

During 50 minutes the front of the arms and legs as well as the head and face are massaged.

During 100 minutes your whole body is pampered. This soothing massage is complemented by an extensive foot massage, a relaxing hand massage and a loosening stomach massage.

This ultimate relaxing massage is the perfect gift you can give yourself.


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