Ceremony Sauna

The Elaisa 5 elements sauna

Create an internal and external ceremonial connection with the five elements: water, earth, air, fire and ether.

Bind yourself to Earth by allowing her powers to flow directly through you via your feet. The earth gives us food, everything we need to live. In our gratitude we can repay her symbolically.

Humans consist of more than 70 percent water. Water responds very strongly to positive or negative thoughts. In our gratitude we make contact with the water inside ourselves and purify it through our minds. We then perform the foot-washing ritual and than the Water element for its purifying powers. We align our inner selves with water and visualise water as pure, full of vitality and clean throughout the world and in heaven.

We then welcome the Fire element into the sauna by way of lava stones. We bind our inner selves and thank the sun and fire in all its forms around us and inside us. We show reverence and respect for the fire in the world, as well as for the fire in our bodies.

The sauna master then introduces the Air element into the space by way of specifically selected pure essential oils from Egypt. Air is the life breath on earth and in our bodies. We respectfully receive the air, connected to us, both in the room and in our lungs, and in all our cells. We then thank this element for its purifying effect and for the oxygen we are gifted every new day again.

The ceremony of the five elements is concluded through the Ether element. You will be taken to an amazingly beautiful space, lined entirely with quartz crystals and a large, 400 kg labradorite crystal.

The Ether element binds all the elements and allows them to work together.


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