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Deep Tissue Massage

25 min. – € 45,00
50 min. – € 89,00

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A deep tissue massage is a firm massage with a deep effect on the body.

A Deep Tissue Massage is not primarily focused on the muscles, but mainly on the connective tissue around your muscles. Connective tissue forms all the time – for instance, if you sit incorrectly for a long time, the connective tissue that forms between your muscles means that you are even more ‘stuck’ in this incorrect position.

For this reason, it makes sense to loosen this connective tissue by way of a deep tissue massage, to create space for your muscles to feel more supple. People who spend all day behind a computer screen will benefit especially from a deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage is also very good for your skin: it helps against skin ageing or smoker’s skin, works well on red blotches and your skin is more firm.

During the massage, the focus is on loosening the connective tissue, trigger points and the (deeper) muscles. You will feel deeply relaxed, with more space straight after your massage! Your neck, shoulders, back, pelvic area, buttocks and legs are massaged during a Deep Tissue Massage. The massage involves slow, firm and deep movements and is done by using fingers, thumbs, fists, underarms and elbows. There is a lot of deep work on the muscles. This optimises the energy flow and reduces tension and stress.

thanks to the combination of various deep techniques, it is possible to get deeper than in a sports massage. It allows the muscles and connective tissue to be treated at a very deep level.


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