Lomi Lomi Massage

50 min –   89,00 €
90 min –   165,00 €

This massage can only be booked by email: reservations@elaisawellness.com

The Lomi Lomi massage is originally from the traditional healing art of Hawaii where it means sacred touch. This makes this massage so much more than just a massage, it is a massage ritual that has been passed down over many generations. At Elaisa, the emphasis is on the temple style where the flowing, undulating touches are characteristic. By means of alternating techniques, using the forearms and the palms of the hands, we let all the tensions in your body flow away.

Let yourself be cherished by the powerful ocean waves of Hawaii and the “Aloha”, the joyful life energy of the present and the loving breath of life. This treatment helps you to regain your essence in a feeling of peace. The Lomi Lomi massage helps you to restore the unity within yourself and to rediscover the harmony between yourself and your environment. It stimulates your energy flow and restores your inner balance. A healing experience for your body, mind and soul.

Did you know this about the Lomi Lomi massage?

Our Lomi Lomi massage stems from the traditional 180 minute healing massage ritual. We revisit the essence of the original ritual during the 90-minute massage.

At the start of the massage, the masseur/masseuse connects according to Hawaiian tradition with the “Aumakua”, the honoured ancestor(s), to strengthen the healing power. The room is prepared energetically and respectfully worked with chants, massage, visualisation and your personal intention. The whole makes the Lomi Lomi Massage a special experience of transformation.


* This massage cannot be booked as a duo.


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