Bioresonance consultation

50 min. – € 115,00
Mondays and Thursdays. From July only on Thursdays

This treatment can only be booked via email:

Bioenergetic body analysis
In a few minutes, you will receive a personalised energetic imprint of the body. Many are familiar with muscle testing, kinesiology or the ideomotor effect which are other forms of bioenergetic testing but the Qest4 scan goes one step further. Using micropower radio signals instead of words, questions are presented to the body. This allows a large number of tests to be taken simultaneously and in a few minutes the client gets a broad overview of the energetic functioning and response of his body.

When body and mind are out of balance, complaints and/or illnesses can arise. Therefore, the body constantly aims for homeostasis, a form of self-regulation to maintain its balance and stay healthy. Qest4 is a complete body analysis that will search for imbalances or specific problems in different organs, glands and body systems and looks for the causes of complaints that can be caused by shortages, pathogens (bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi), toxins, mental and emotional factors, chemicals and much more. You will receive a detailed report and explanation of your test results. The test is completely painless compared to blood tests, safe and only takes a few minutes.

Qest4 gives us a deeper insight into specific energetic imbalances and blockages that have an impact on our body in different ways (hormonal, digestive, deficiencies, pathogens,…). Through the bio-energetic test of Qest4 we get a clear picture of the unique energetic pattern or handwriting of the test person. (and we can draw up a personal therapy).

Qest4 contains digitally coded information relating to a large number of health-related factors. These range from anatomy and physiology, body chemistry, medicines, nutrients and pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi), mental and emotional factors, metabolic processes and much more. Our naturopathic practitioner chooses which electromagnetic signals to perform, she analyses the result and discusses the results with you.

Do you have certain health issues, do you feel tired, do you have digestive problems, do you have hormonal disorders, have you not been sleeping well for a while, do you suffer from stress, do you need insight and improvement of your general state of health? Qest4 provides insight.

A Bioresonance Consult is:

  • Natural
    Supports maintaining the natural balance and well-being of the body
  • Personally
    Personal energetic imprint of the body adjusted to your needs. Illustrated, detailed report of your test results.
  • Extensive
    Advanced, complete analysis of imbalances or customised tests based on a specific problem area
  • Safe
    The test is totally non-invasive and safe for adults and children. Most tests take only a few minutes

What can QEST4 tell you about your state of health?

It presents a series of energetic patterns that give information about:

– Different organs, glands and systems of the body

– Pathogens, toxins and chemicals

– Supplements, chiropractic care and emotional balance.


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