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17:30 – 19:00

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The Temazcal is unique in the Benelux and is guided by Mexican Temazcaleros according to traditional and original methods. An unforgettable and profound experience.

your body is ceremonially cleansed in this Mexican sweat lodge. The Temazcal represents a symbolical womb and people sometimes liken the ceremony to a rebirth. This sweat lodge ritual is carried out daily in a dome-shaped structure made from stone and clay. There are views all around, then these views are screened off and you are enveloped in total darkness. Take a splash in the lake after leaving the Temazcal

Instrumental accompaniment to the ceremony includes a shell and other typical Mexican musical instruments. Mexican people who grew up with the Temazcal ceremonies – the so-called Temazcaleros (shamans from Mexico) – will guide you according to the traditional method.

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