90 min. – € 29,00
17:30 – 19:00

Due to the international nature of Elaisa, supervision is provided in Dutch or English.

This experience can only be booked in combination with a day entrance or evening entrance

The Temazcal is unique in the Benelux and is guided in a traditional way. It brings you in connection with the earth and your true self. An unforgettable and very intense experience.

For this Mexican sweat lodge you will be ceremonially prepared around the fire. You will receive a physical cleansing, we will do an opening ritual together and you will connect with your intention. The lava stones are heated in the fire and then brought glowing red to the Temazcal. We enter the Temazcal, which according to the Mayan culture, symbolically represents the womb.

In the sweat lodge you dwell in complete darkness to be able to turn completely inside yourself. After you come out of the Temazcal you can cool down in our natural lake.

This Mexican ceremony is guided instrumentally with various ancient instruments. These instruments strengthen your inner experience and take you into a unique, heartwarming experience.


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