Chakra Balancing Saunas

Attuned to the seven main human chakras

Elaisa has as many as four saunas, all attuned to the seven main human chakras.
Each sauna is home to one or two significant crystals in connection with the specific chakras. To optimise chakra balancing, customised essential oils are diffused in these spaces.
This creates a powerful harmonisation of chakra and aura, through both the crystals and the aromatherapy.

Chakra Balancing Sauna 1

The most grounding sauna features an “Earthkeeper”. This crystal helps to balance your root chakra. The objectives of this sauna are: creating a foundation and stability, grounding and physical health, prosperity, wealth, and attracting a sense of safety.

Chakra Balancing Sauna 2 and 6

These saunas feature an orange calcite and an amethyst.

The orange calcite has a powerful effect on your sacral or second chakra. A repose in this sauna helps bring this chakra into more balance and activates your creative expression.

The amethyst is connected to the third eye chakra. If you wish to enhance your intuitive knowledge and inner wisdom, this is where you will find support.

Chakra Balancing Sauna 4

This sauna features a beautiful rose quartz.

Do you have a desire to increase your unconditional love for yourself and others, Or maybe you carry unhealed sorrow or heartache? We recommend the heart chakra sauna. The rose quartz can help your heart chakra to heal and find balance again. It stimulates your circulation, immune system and the thymus.

Infusion rituals with intentions take place here at regular times, and the soft scent of roses pampers your senses.

Chakra Balancing Sauna 3 and 5

These saunas feature an citrine geode and a sodalite.

The citrine geode can enhance your sense of self-worth, confidence and courage and brings balance to your solar plexus.

The extraordinary sodalite has a powerful effect on your throat chakra. If you have trouble with communication and self-expression, this is where to get started with your intentions and the power of the sodalite.

Chakra Balancing Room 7

To expand your consciousness and to perceive that we are part of a greater whole and all connected to each other, become attuned to the stunning rock crystal above the Mastaba (flat-roofed pyramid). The rock crystal promotes the connection with your crown chakra.

If your visit to Elaisa extends over a few days, we would certainly recommend you visit and experience each sauna. It will allow every one of your chakras to find balance.

or you could let your intuition select the right sauna for you. You could also gather more information through an intake consultation or a theme day.


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