50 min. –   € 20,00

This experience can only be booked in combination with a day entrance

The entire Elaisa halo chamber is lined with mineral salt stones and salt grains from the Himalayas, creating a unique body restoring microclimate. During the session we moisten the air of the salt chamber with medicinal salt which supports the effectiveness of the session. The misting is hardly felt as it is done in a gentle way.

The halo experience is a soft dream moment in a purifying and healing climate. Throughout the session one can relax, whether or not enjoying a beautiful artistic nature movie or just, dreaming away, closing one’s eyes.

The goal of a Halo Session is to promote your health and give peace of mind and body. Halotherapy helps with respiratory problems, chronic colds, bronchitis, asthma, hay fever and skin problems. Halotherapy also relieves stress and promotes sleep. In addition, it makes our immune system more resilient, improves lung function as the salt has an antibacterial effect.  In order to obtain an optimal result we advise you to repeat the Halotherapy on a regular basis.


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