Ottoman Hammam

50 min – € 99.00

This treatment can only be booked by e-mail:

The Laconium of Elaisa is reminiscent of the original Roman baths and the oriental hammam. The success of the hammam in our countries is today blown over by the stylish Ottoman Empire.

An original oriental gate, built with care and respect, serves as a gateway to this true leap in time. The statue of the goddess Hathor welcomes you in a room that radiates a simple, soothing beauty. An atmosphere that invites you to relax, release, enjoy…

While enjoying the treatment, you can lift your eyes to the ceiling. There hangs the ancient Egyptian zodiac of Denderah, a wink from the world of the stars…

What does the Ottoman Hammam contain?

This authentic cleansing ritual invigorates your body. In our beautiful Laconium, you will be cleansed, using a large cotton soap bag whilst relaxing on our heated white marble table. Your body will be kneaded the white soap bag during a foam massage before being rinsed of.

* This treatment can be booked for a maximum of 2 persons.


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