Skin Care Luxe Wellness

90 min. –   € 125,00

To clear your head completely, you will receive a relaxing massage of your back, neck and shoulders. Once balance and energy flow are restored, a moment of intense pleasure follows during a luxurious facial treatment that nourishes, tones and activates oxygen.

The products used contain active ingredients which, together with facial cupping, help to oxygenate the skin again and prevent moisture loss.

A true rejuvenating treatment for radiant skin.

What does Skin Care Luxe Wellness contain?

  • Relaxing neck, shoulder and back massage with aromatic oils
  • Luxury facial care with the following treatments:
    • Personalized skin analysis
    • Deep cleaning
    • Facial peeling
    • Cleansing Lotion
    • Eyebrow correction (using tweezers)
    • Removal of impurities (comedones)
    • Facial massage with flavoured oils and facial cupping
    • Revitalizing face mask
    • Relaxing hand and foot massage and wonderful head massage
    • Cell renewal serum
    • Deeply nourishing day cream, adapted to your skin type

For this treatment we use the luxurious, natural care line from Alqvimia.

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