Avatar Sauna

A sauna completely devoted to nature

This is clear as soon as you enter: a giant root of an original Balinese Lychee tree surrounds the entrance. This root is placed to give the impression the entire sauna originated and grew from it. As if this magical place has been its home for centuries.

The natural stone cladding on the outside of the Avatar Sauna seems harmoniously connected to the lychee root. The sauna almost blends into the surrounding nature. The green roof also contributes to this perception.

Once inside, everything about this sauna is reminiscent of nature. Clothing hooks are made from metal in the shape of natural beings. The natural materials, music and lighting are all connected to nature.

The large window with views of the forest and the lake further intensify your connection with nature.
After this sauna, you can take a guided and refreshing dive into the lake.


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