Yoga Week 20 - 26 june

On June 21st we celebrate the Festival of Light, the Solstice and International Yoga Day..

These 2 beautiful themes will be developed into a full Yoga Week from June 20 – 26.

Come celebrate the Light with us!

“Summer is the time to develop faith in our life
to acknowledge the light within and trust
to acknowledge the light within and trust that just like the Sun,
we will rise each day, no matter what life brings us.”

21st june 2022

On the day of the Festival of Light (the Solstice), we are going to greet the sun 108 times in 4 yoga sessions spread throughout the day.

Why 108 sun salutations?
  • In numerology, 108 equals the number 9, which is universal love, eternity and awareness
  • There are 108 energetic connection points on our body according to Ayurveda
  • The distance between the sun and the earth is 108 times the diameter of the sun
  • A mala chain has 108 beads which are used during meditation

The fire that you build up in yourself during this exercise is cleansing, detoxifying and helps you connect with yourself.

  • Movement

The sun salutation warms up our body and activates Prana (life energy). The movements create an energy shift that releases emotional blockages. Through breathing, we let go of the emotions that surround us and learn to make space within ourselves.

  • Release

The repetition of this movement also provides a mental challenge with full surrender to the moment and full confidence in yourself.

  • Benefits

You are stronger than you think, both physically and mentally. You carry the strength to change your own perspective and can feel that a challenge can also provide new roots and a powerful existence. Find the strength within yourself to persevere and experience how your own fire causes you to feel more energy in your body.

Light meditation in the Akhnaton room
(Solstice at 13h44)
21st June from 13h30 till 14h10


On the longest day of the year, the sunbeam enters the Akhnaton room through an oculus on the roof and falls down on the Ankh in the floor of the relaxation lounge.

We welcome this magical and unique moment with a Light Meditation to awaken the sunlight in you, to spread it and to be in the light.

Monday 20, Wednesday 22, Thursday 23, Friday 24, Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 June

Every morning free yoga from 11h to 12h or in case of bad weather in the Akhnaton room.
Max. 17 pers.


Tuesday 21/06

No morning yoga, but we will divide 108 sun salutations into 4 sessions of 27 sun salutations each, supported by live music.

  • 11u – session 1
  • 13h30 – light meditation Akhnaton (40mn) to honour the Solstice.
  • 12u – session 2
  • 14u – session 3
  • 15u – session 4

Those who complete all 4 sessions will receive a beautiful Elaisa water bottle.


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