Mind theme day & Mental Health

From mid 2020

This theme day focuses on mental relaxation and insight into how daily thought affect us. Our mind is like a monk once said: “a chatting, jumping monkey, not to be silenced and very tiresome”.

By learning to relax and use our mind differently, we can bring peace to the thoughts. It teaches you to regard yourself differently, you learn to feel differently. Positive thoughts are given more space while the negative thoughts can disappear.

Your mindset is crucially important to a healthier and more tranquil life. Physical complaints will diminish. There will be more space for your own self. You learn to trust more and to move more freely in your head and in your life.

This day helps you to gain the insight to learn to think in a healthy and constructive manner and to enjoy the here and now more.

Day programme

  • Breakfast
  • Reading
  • Yoga
  • Break
  • Sound concert
  • Reading
  • Meditation


Before we start our day, we will meet at the restaurant to eat breakfast together.

Reading - Part 1

This reading takes an in-depth look at how your spirit or thoughts operate. We will discuss the workings of the brain, the consciousness, the subconsciousness and the unconscious. We look at pitfalls and the power of redirecting thoughts. What is the impact of life on your thoughts and what is the impact of thoughts on life. The significance of tranquillity, binaural beats and correct sound vibration.


A guided yoga session will allow you to experience that your spirit becomes peaceful automatically when adopting certain physical positions. This is the principle of yoga: aligning mind, body and soul to achieve inner harmony. The spirit tends to live in the “past or the future” constantly, but your physical experience is situated in the “now”. If your consciousness is focused on the human body, your spirit is almost forced to find peace. You could see this as an automatic process resulting from practising yoga.


The standard facilities at Elaisa, such as the other saunas, are available to use during the break. Enjoy the delicious dishes on offer at our restaurants.
The break is from 12 o’clock until 2 o’clock. Lunch and drinks are not included in this theme day.

Sound concert

Enjoy a 1-hour acoustic sound bath in Elaisa’s extraordinary sound room. Take a sound voyage and let sounds, crystals and colours make their way deep into your being. This pure relaxation will treat you to all manner of musical instruments that will realign you with frequencies of wellbeing, inner balance and a feeling of peace. The sound practitioner works with various ethnic instruments from all four corners of the world, such as Tibetan sound bowls, didgeridoo, Shamanic drums, crystal harp, …

Reading - Part 2

This reading takes an in-depth look at consciously managing stress and criticism. The human life and the illusion linked to it. Liberation from a stagnant life or how do I redirect my life.


This meditation is completely in line with your day, with redirection, progress and shaping life in a positive manner.
after the day programme, you are kindly invited to make use of the free facilities on offer at Elaisa.

Enjoy – relax – experience – and revive.

Individual Mind & Mental Health treatment

Would you prefer individual treatment instead of a group experience? Choose from:

  • A personal consultation: Bach flower remedies, aromatherapy, soul therapy, hypnotherapy
  • A bioresonance treatment
  • High Frequency room
  • Guided meditation

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