Crystals theme day

From mid 2020

During the crystal theme day, we will discover and experience how crystals work. Elaisa offers the unique experience of contact with minerals in all their purity and beauty. Crystals elevate the heart and bring clarity.

You will gain insight into what crystals can mean to you and experience this first-hand during the theme day. This is a day full of special perception, cleansing and connection with the power of crystals.

In ancient cultures, crystals were highly appreciated for their health-promoting powers. The fact that crystals elevate the consciousness is a major benefit. Crystals are the earth’s DNA, an ancient imprint of evolution: Mini storage spaces reporting on the development of earth, already millions of years in the making. They contain an indelible memory, so that each crystal has its own specific meaning and vibration.

Day programme

  • Breakfast
  • Reading
  • Chakra Balancing saunas (CBS)
  • Break
  • Sound concert
  • Yoga or Qigong
  • Rose quartz sauna


Before we start our day, we will meet at the restaurant to eat breakfast together.


The reading provides you with a fascinating explanation on the origin and power of crystals.
What is their magical effect, how are they composed?
How can they have an effect on your body, mind and soul and make a positive contribution?

We will also examine which crystal suits you best right now.

Chakra Balancing Saunas

Elaisa has no less than four saunas that are attuned to the seven main chakras.

Beautiful transformations can be achieved by connecting with the special chakra crystals in these saunas, and focusing your intentions on balancing your energy.


The standard facilities at Elaisa, such as the other saunas, are available to use during the break. Enjoy the delicious dishes on offer at our restaurants.
The break is from 12 o’clock until 2 o’clock. Lunch and drinks are not included in this theme day.

Sound concert

Enjoy a 1-hour acoustic sound bath in Elaisa’s extraordinary sound room. Take a sound voyage and let sounds, crystals and colours make their way deep into your being. This pure relaxation will treat you to all manner of musical instruments that will realign you with frequencies of wellbeing, inner balance and a feeling of peace. The sound practitioner works with various ethnic instruments from all four corners of the world, such as Tibetan sound bowls, didgeridoo, Shamanic drums, crystal harp, …

Yoga or Qigong

Connect with your body and spirit during a 30-minute yoga/qigong session. You have already reached a deeper inner balance thanks to the sound concert. Now you can enhance this mental tranquillity through concentrated physical work.

Rose quartz sauna

Do you have a desire to increase your unconditional love for yourself and others? Or maybe you carry unhealed sorrow or heartache? We recommend the heart chakra sauna. The rose quartz can help your heart chakra to heal and find balance again. It stimulates blood circulation, the immune system and the thymus.

During the rose scent sauna rituals, we will place intentions in a group setting.

After the day programme, you are kindly invited to make use of the free facilities on offer at Elaisa. Enjoy – relax – experience – and revive.

Individual crystal treatment

Would you prefer individual Crystal treatment instead of a group experience? Choose from:

  • A Crystal massage
  • Chakra/sound massage
  • Hot stone/crystal massage
  • High Frequency Room
  • High Frequency Chakra Tables

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