Everyone breathes and everyone breathes the same air.

Breath carries life’s energy, without breathing there is no life. Breathing is a bridge between body and mind as it were, a connection between your physical sensations and your thought processes. It is like a barometer of how you are feeling physically and mentally.

If an imbalance occurs here, it can be resolved through breathing techniques. These techniques are learned by practising Yoga.
Yoga is aimed at connecting body and mind through breathing. What does it achieve?

The underlying thought is that Yoga traditionally has always intended you provide you with a better and happier life. A philosophy or lifestyle that brings you tranquillity, rest, peace and happiness.

Yoga is synonymous with wellbeing at different levels: physically, mentally and emotionally.

we hardly ever stop to consider ourselves, why we are here and what our purpose is.

Too many things prevent us from looking inside ourselves and thinking about how our bodies and minds are feeling. Yoga can help us to balance our thoughts.

This will allow energy to flow through your body better and your body will function better.

As the energy can flow through your body better, you will feel more energetic.

At Elaisa we offer you yoga sessions on a regular basis and this in our beautiful yoga and meditation room.


Meditation is pure being, in the here and now. In the first place, it brings relaxation to the mind and body.

By meditating, you surrender to the beneficial lowering of the frequency (alpha waves) of your brainwaves and you take the muscle tension out of your body. This gives a wonderful inner peace and a feeling of new strength and energy. You get the idea “to be able to do everything again”.


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