Live your best life!

Enjoy a lunch and/or wellness facilities between the two workshops. These are not included in the cost.

Do you live or does life live you?

In a world where everything gets faster all the time, where digitisation offers an excess of information and the pressure of works increases all the time, it is important to pause and consider your life.

How can you get the best out of yourself and life?
What do you need to be happy, to experience more joy and inner peace?
How can you find more fulfilment in yourself and create balance in your relationships?
Why is it so difficult to do things differently, even though you really want to?

Einstein’s definition for insanity was: to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome!

During this workshop, Katty will offer you hands-on tools and 13 GOLDEN TIPS you can implement in your life straight away. You will come to insights about your obstacles and how to bridge them. You are invited to take the first steps towards change immediately. You will return home with a treasure trove of tips and exercises.

Do you also want to live “your best” life?
Don’t wait until tomorrow, you’re worth it!
Make the decision now and join us!


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