The road to healing

The workshop ‘The road to healing’ supports your medical treatment and helps you to actively work on releasing your body’s self-healing power. You learn to consciously manage what gives you strength and what drains your strength and energy. As soon as the source strength can flow freely, your body will naturally resolve many health problems independently. After the workshop, you will have a clear picture of how to promote your healing from a holistic perspective.

When your inner balance is disturbed, your body spurs you into change through stress signals. It mirrors the sapping patterns at work inside you. Too much stress can make you ill. The workshop teaches you to consciously manage what gives you strength and what actually removes strength and energy, the things that causes “leakages”. By patiently examining and transforming that what obstructs you, you unburden the body so that space is created for the self-healing power. You will also be provided with tools for relaxation and vitalisation.


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