“Mindfulness is aimed at the formation of an inner balance that helps you approach life with greater stability, understanding and wisdom.”
– Jon Kabat Zinn.

Mindfulness is good for anyone who wants to take control of your own quality of life and anyone who wants to learn how to manage stress, pain, profound emotions and negative thoughts.
So for anyone who wants more awareness and enjoyment in their lives.

Mindfulness is an attitude to life.
An attitude that is awake, open and perceptive.
It is a scientific stress management system that is used more and more often in the medical world, education and the business community. Research in Belgium and around the world has shown that mindfulness creates preventive resilience against burnout and depression and strengthens the attention functions.

we train awareness and attention by way of oriental meditation techniques that are tested against western behavioural psychology. It wants to hold up a mirror to our true reality.
Mindfulness teaches us to be consciously aware of how experiences affect us. Is the way we react an automatic pattern or can we also approach a situation with consciousness? If we are aware and conscious more often, we are better equipped to deal with life’s changes, especially when these changes are difficult or challenging.

Mindfulness teaches us that we always have a choice. Not a choice in what happens to us, but a choice in the way we react. Mindfulness invites us to use loving attention to be present in our lives, open to each new moment without desire or aversion but with acceptance of what is. It allows us to better manage what we encounter in life, including the moments of pain and sorrow.
Mindfulness is aimed at letting go of the endless stream of thoughts, opinions, worries and plans and teaches us to connect with the power and clarity of the here and now.
We learn to see the richness of the present, so that we can enjoy life more. However, this is not how our spirit works naturally. It requires practise to train our attention away from losing ourselves in our thoughts, emotions, automatic reaction patterns.

This workshop is a mixture of theoretical explanation and exercises/experiencing.
We discover and experience, inward and outward, (literally and figuratively) using the beautiful surroundings. A retrospective acceleration, to feel, perceive and experience.
An experience of stillness, discovery, taking a deep breath, standing still and moving at the same time, feeling nature.


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