Tibetan Detox

50 min. – € 89,00

This treatment can only be booked by email: info@elaisawellness.com

The Tibetan Detox is stimulating and relaxing at the same time.

It is a highly detoxifying body treatment while using organic honey and alkaline salt with powdered semi-precious stones.
Besides all the vitamins and minerals, organic honey contains a large amount of antioxidants that strengthen our immune system.

The alkaline salt with a pH of 8 to 8.5 stimulates the skin to eliminate acids and toxins. And thanks to the eight types of crushed gemstones, you get not only a physical but also an energetic cleansing.

The treated body regions are the back, legs, arms and shoulders.

After this detoxifying treatment, the treated body areas feel silky soft, and most guests feel refreshed, more energetic and relaxed. This is the ideal detoxification treatment if you feel that everything seems to be blocked in both your body and mind. This treatment gives a feeling of release and cleansing.

What does Tibetan Detox contain?

In this treatment we automatically apply a certain form of acupressure by means of ‘adhesive movements’. These ‘sticky’ movements lift the layers of skin strongly, so that the effect penetrates deep into the connective tissue layer that is located around muscles and joints.
As an example: There are many acupressure points on the back, which are stimulated to excrete toxins by the sticky movements. All meridians, organs and muscles connected to the reflex points receive a cleansing and a boost. Blockades are released and your body energies flow freely again.

* It is important that the areas to be treated are free of (excessive) body hair.


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