connect to your inner nature


45 min. –   € 20,00

Our treatments, massages and group sessions should always be booked in advance of your visit by telephone: 0032 (0) 89 39 09 96 or by e-mail:

Experience the purifying effect of a room entirely clad in wellness-enhancing and purifying white salt.

This salt room exudes a unique, body-restoring microclimate. The entire halo room was clad in mineral salt stones and grains of salt from the Himalayas. In addition, we sprinkle you with medicinal salt during your session in the salt room.

People who suffer from respiratory issues, asthma, eczema or food allergies benefit greatly from halotherapy. In general, halotherapy has a positive effect on your resistance, your sleep pattern, your vitality and athletic performance.

We use infrared heating to warm up the salt room. Infrared heat works its way deep into your body. It helps with circulation, it relaxes your muscles and tightens your skin.


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