Herbal Stamp Massage

50 min. – € 89.00

This massage can only be booked by email: reservations@elaisawellness.com

The benefits of this massage technique come from Thailand. For centuries people have combined the healing power of herbs with massage to release tension in body and mind.

The herbs, which are considered natural remedies, unfold their scent and beneficial effects the moment they are heated in a steam bath. They are then pressed or “stamped” against the body with gentle or deeper pressure, depending on the needs indicated by the zones of your body.

What does the herbal stamp massage contain?

The massage begins with a short peeling with crystal salt. This action opens the pores and stimulates the blood circulation.

By heating the herbal stamps with steam and then using them to stamp on the body, the herbs penetrate the body. The heat of the stamps causes the herbs to penetrate deep into the underlying muscle tissue. Your whole body will experience the healing effects of the herbs. This can manifest itself in smoother muscles and relief of muscle pain. This herbal stamp massage also has a detoxifying effect on your body.

With the herbal stamp massage the whole body is treated. Besides the positive effect on muscle and joint pain, you can also enjoy this massage as a deep relaxation for body and mind.


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