Hot & cold stone massage

50 min. – € 99,00

It is a pleasantly calming and deeply warming massage, indicated for muscle pain, muscle knots and stress.

The massage itself mainly consists of long harmonizing strokes over the body. This massage technique stimulates the various organ functions and the metabolism.

The cold marble stones tone the body, relax the mind and stimulate the metabolism of the cells. They also make the skin softer and more resistant. This helps to eliminate waste products and increases your resistance.

The basalt stones (volcanic stones) have a temperature of about 45° C. These warm stones in turn stimulate the blood circulation, cause deep detoxification and are responsible for the dissolution of cross-links and blockages in muscles and tissue.

The health benefits of (dosed) cold have been described several times. The ‘Thermo-Cryo-Therapy’ has a revitalizing effect on your blood vessels, it strengthens immunity and has a strong vitalizing effect. This treatment makes you awake and stimulates the senses.


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