Intake consultation

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Intake Consult

50 min. – € 100,00
Must be booked here in advance.

Every high-quality treatment starts with a proper diagnosis: a correct assessment of your issues and needs.

With an advanced method based on Chinese Medicine causes of complaints are detected. Once the treatment coordinator has formed a comprehensive picture, he or she will discuss suitable treatments with you.

Intake Wellness

30 min. – € 35,00
Must be booked here in advance.

You are looking forward to enjoy the tranquillity, nature and stunning surroundings of Elaisa for a day, or several days. You wish to receive good advice on which treatments or experiences could contribute to your stay. You will be welcomed at the reception desk by our intake coordinator, who will discuss your wishes and needs with you and provide you with suitable recommendations.

Our intake coordinator will take your details and arrange reservations. After you receive your programme, you will be shown around.

If you book two or more treatments, a personal intake consultation will only cost €10.00.


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