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Sound Resonation Treatment

60 min. – € 99,00 (private)

Our treatments, massages and group sessions should always be booked in advance of your visit by telephone: 0032 (0) 89 39 09 96 or by e-mail:

Sound resonation is a method for positively influencing human vibration. Certain frequencies released during the production of specific tones remind your cells of their balanced state of being. Sounds can evoke stored and unprocessed emotions. As such, an open demeanour will allow more balance to enter your being though sound.

The intention of a concert is to guide you through this process. During the concert, we offer you an environment that will bring you to a peaceful state of mind, with enhanced vibrations/consciousness. This will create space for opening of the heart, activation of flow in and through the body/chakras, connection with the earth, the cosmos and your own core.

‘Ancient’ instruments, overtones and undertones will take you on a journey to different worlds and eras. The pure tones and aromas guide you through this unique experience.

What to expect:

  • Overtone chanting
  • Spirit songs
  • Icaros
  • Crystal sounds
  • Tibetan sound bowls
  • Didgeridoo
  • Hand pan
  • Personal attention
  • Purifying colognes (scent)

Magical sound room

Allow yourself to be immersed in deeply relaxing ambiances of sound and colour in the unique Elaisa sound room. This acoustic space features eight special pillars, embellished with roses. These pillars, adorned with various crystals, create a special resonance of the sounds. Depending on the depth of the tones, the colours of the lights on the specially formed stretch ceiling will also transform. Even the floor, a crystal stone floor covering, is unique and adds to an unmatched sound experience.


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