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Elaisa Inspiration Center


At Elaisa Inspiration Center we create a platform to offer business people an inspiring framework for an extraordinary team bonding or meeting space, and so much more. We tailor this framework to the needs of your organization or team.


The four elements

Our teambonding authentic packages are based on the experience of the four elements: fire, air, water and earth. Through varied outdoor and indoor activities, participants are guided to connect with these primal elements. Each experience is attuned to one another and aims to manifest our creative potential through leadership qualities.

Through interaction with each element, they gain insight into their qualities and the role they play in the creative manifestation process. We gain sentient understanding that decisive materialization is only possible when each element, like a cog in a mechanism, is mastered in the circular creation process.


  • Stimulates creative potential.
  • Activates decisive manifestation.
  • Promotes leadership qualities.

Process of manifestation

The teambonding packages are offered as a one-day experience program but can also be customized. For example, each element can be given an extra depth whereby the interaction per element is handled separately and spread over a multi-day package.


Discover our program here.

Business Events

Elaisa, a WIN-WIN asset for your business

Elaisa is an ideal location for the organization of customized corporate events, meetings or lectures. It is located in the middle of the Hoge Kempen National Park. The breathtaking nature acts as a supportive catalyst to achieve peace, relaxation and clarity. All ingredients, to spark, illuminate and activate the creative potential present in each of us.

A WIN-WIN asset for your business because of:

  • The uniquely beautiful location.
  • The soothing environment in the midst of nature.
  • The availability of varied energetic spaces.
  • Our rich gastronomic offer of healthy dishes carefully prepared by our catering team.
  • Our creative out-of-the-box thinking team that helps you turn your idea into a professional one.
  • The many recreational opportunities in our center.

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