1 year ago we opened our doors and this we celebrate!

A year ago Elaisa opened its doors and we were delighted to welcome you to our unique Wellness Oasis. We look back on an eventful year, where after a good start, we were forced to close our doors for a while to then successfully open them again on 1st of July. We are happy and grateful that this is possible now following up closely the corona measures.

You are making the difference that we give the best of ourselves. Giving you a good feeling, that fulfills us and keeps us going!

Do you celebrate with us?
Saturday 19th September

A thunderous spectacle of live taiko drummers

Outside activity
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Program live music with scent experience in the saunas and baths

12.30 pm Singing bowl concert
14.30 pm Ancient tribes concert
15.30 pm Celtic live music
16.30 pm Indian music with mantra’s
17.30 pm Celtic live music
18.30 pm Piano concert mineral bath
19.30 pm Piano concert mineral bath
19.30 pm Oriental live music
20.30 pm Piano concert mineral bath
20.30 pm African vibration concert
21.30 pm Mystical nordic concert

Special 'BIRTH'day arrangement

€ 65,00

Day entrance incl. Elaisa ‘BIRTH’ day dish with bubbles or smoothie

Elaisa ‘BIRTH’ day dish

Delicious fragrant Basmati rice bowl with sweet and sour cucumber, spring onion, radish, pineapple and green soy beans with a choice between a topping of grilled beef, grilled tuna or marinated tempeh. Served with soy sauce and a sesame dressing.

Saturday 26th September

Special 'BIRTH' day arrangement

Mysical Massage Concert

During our Mystical Massage Concert, all senses are stimulated for 2 hours by a live concert, a holistic massage, healing sounds and a guided meditation.

The ceremony starts with a guided meditation. At intervals you will be massaged, on the tones of a range of various instruments and the soft voice of the musicians leading the way. In between, you can experience the concert in quietness. The concert ends with a sound healing session and meditation to bring everyone back slowly. The combination of touch and music makes the session powerful, deep and rich. At the entrance there is a massage table, and there is a blanket in front of you. In advance there is time for a chat with the masseuse about your personal needs and wishes.

A Mystical Massage Concert is an inner journey through your body to let all tensions slip away from you. A gift of self-love, especially for you!

Picture by Werner van Steen & Marion Demanet

Day entrance incl Mystical Massage Concert

€ 190,00
12.00 – 14.00 (max. 8 persons)
17.00 – 19.00 (max. 8 persons)

Dag entrance € 45,00 + Mystical Massage Concert € 145,00

For reservations, please mail us: info@elaisawellness.com


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