Broadening your consciousness is one of Elaisa’s core objectives

It is not an easy task, and yet it is possible for anyone.

Elaisa creates the perfect circumstances to support you in your personal quest, your cleansing and the awakening of your awareness. You choose how and at which tempo you would like to work on this.

Through meditation, workshops, energetic treatments and self-study, you can find inner peace and balance in yourself, regardless of what happens in and around you.

We slowly discover that inner peace cannot be found outside of ourselves. The key to the peace of our soul is inside. This is also Elaisa’s motto: ‘Connect to your inner nature’.
Thanks to the energies generated here, Elaisa can offer the opportunity to cleanse and be closer to your true self. This is partly due to the sacral geometry, the countless crystals and quartz sand that are all felt to be powerful and soothing. The frequencies in crystals have a beneficial effect on nature, water and our human bodies.

Everything is energy and vibration. Our cell memory already stores all the information and knowledge. By surrounding yourself with physical elements that are symbols of sacral balance, you remind your energetic field to remember.

This follows the principle of the law of resonance.


There are several workshops on offer from November 2019.
You can participate in these workshops separately; they do not need to be part of the wellness element.
Take a look now at the different workshops that will be available.



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