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Wellness, experience and purpose

Find restfulness and purification in mind and body – discover the essence of life.
Be guided and enhanced by the energy of the five elements, the geometric shapes and the countless crystals. Large windows and patios provide panoramic views of the hills and the breath-takingly beautiful sunsets mirrored on the stunning lake.

Arrive in style when you let the electric shuttle drive you through the park. Be entranced by the influences of the Mayans, Incas and Egyptians. The passion for the wisdom and beauty of these bygone cultures inspired the origin of Elaisa.

Enjoy this unique, natural wellness experience and allow ancient traditions to relax you in extraordinary saunas and baths. Take active steps in your personal development, health and self-awareness. Choose from our carefully selected holistic treatments and therapies or take part in additional activities such as yoga, tai chi, meditation and inspiring workshops.

Our mission?
In Elaisa, the focus is on your wellbeing, experience and purpose.
From a perspective of purity, experience and balance.


Discover the complete array at Elaisa